James Brickey was born on August 2nd 1994 at Forsyth Hospital in Winston-Salem North Carolina.  He is the middle child of the family and the firstborn son. He was raised in Wilkes County and attended East Wilkes High School where he graduated in 2012. Raised in a Baptist church where the family went every Sunday and were heavily involved, James was greatly influenced by southern gospel music and hymnals throughout his childhood. Shortly after discovering his love for rock n' roll, James determined he would one day learn how to play guitar and write songs. 


      Coming from a lower-middle-class household, and

heavy value being placed on earning what you want, a

guitar wasn't instantly given to him. Instead, he had to

earn up the money for his first electric by selling cans of

soda at a local weekly yard sale. Selling at only $.50 a can, it took a while to save up, but by the end of the summer James had half the amount needed for his first guitar; a First Act that had been put on layaway at Walmart. With the layaway period ending soon, and seeing that James had shown dedication and the patience to truly earn the guitar, James's parents went ahead and paid the second half of the guitar. James learned a few chords and took some beginner lessons, but felt very bored by the methods being taught and discontinued the lessons; opting to teach himself what he could. James's 6th grade English teacher, a 25 year old man named Ben Kallam, heard about James learning guitar and offered to give lessons after hearing him play what he'd taught himself up to that point. James's abilities began taking off quickly, and after a few months, Ben stopped charging for the lessons due to James already having learned everything Ben knew to possibly teach him. From that point on they began jamming, writing, and recording together; forming a tight bond that still runs today.

      Entering into 7th grade, James had already attempted to form a couple bands with classmates, but none progress much past being an idea. Towards the end of the school year an announcement was made about an annual talent show, and he knew that was gonna be the chance he needed to form a band and play on stage. Recruiting 3 of his closest friends they formed the band "Ten More Years." Using what little equipment they had at the time, they practiced for weeks in James's bedroom, deciding they would play Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode" at the show. After the talent show they continued playing shows together and dabbled into writing their own songs. The lineup changed a few times over the years with James being the only original member left in the final lineup, which eventually became "Hollowfade" after a name change in 2019.



2018 Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR-S

Black Cherry finish

EMG 81 (Bridge)

Sustainiac Stealh Pro (Neck)

Floyd Rose 1000 Series Tremolo

FU-Tone Brass Tremolo Stopper

FU-Tone 37mm Brass Tremolo Block


Early 2000's Mexican Fender Stratocaster Neck, Pickguard, and Electronics

First Act Stratocaster Style Body (Unknown model)

Floyd Rose Special Floating Tremolo

Seymour Duncan Hot Rail (Bridge)

MojoTone 500K Volume Pot

1972-74 Sigma SBG2-6

Cherry finish

2016 Fender Deluxe Nashville Tele

2-Color Sunburst finish

Alvarez RD8C Acoustic/Electric

Natural finish

Epiphone Prophecy SG Custom EX

(Backup for Schecter)

Midnight Ebony finish

EMG 81 - Bridge, EMG 85 - Neck



Peavey Delta Blues 210 BT Combo (Speakers disabled)

Lopo 2x12 Speaker Cabinet


MXR Custom Comp Deluxe
Boss Overdrive/Distortion OS-2
Vox V847 Wah - Union Jack Edition
Line 6 Pod X3 Live
MXR Phase 90
Morley A/B Switch
MXR M222 Talk Box



Shure PSM300 IEM System, G20 Range
Westone UM Pro 20 Headphones



Sennheiser EM 1090-Digital Wireless System




Stainless Steel made by David Reasoner




Clayton Custom .80 Guage Stainless Steel

w/ printed initials and name



DR DDT 13-65 (Schecter)

DR DDT 11-56 (Sigma, Fender, & Epiphone)

Martin Lifespan SP Phosphor Bronze Baritone 14-70 (Alvarez)

Elixir 80/20 Bronze Baritone 16-70 (Testing for future use on Alvarez)



Schecter - Drop B

Sigma - C Standard

Fender - E Standard

Epiphone - Drop B

Alvarez - C Standard / Drop Bb