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James Brickey

Alternative Rock / Classic Rock / Country

Vocalist & Guitarist of Hollowfade

James Brickey has been making music since 2006 after learning to play guitar; starting his first band in 2007 at only 12 years old. Over the years James has crafted a vocal style reminiscent of 90's legends such as Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, & Chris Cornell. However, being raised on country artists like George Strait, Tim McGraw, and George Jones, James has a natural flow and tone when singing the classics.

At one of James's acoustic shows you'll hear a setlist full of multiple genres; Southern Rock, Classic Rock, 90's Grunge, Classic Country, Modern Country, and Modern Rock. Anything is on the table. James also incorporates original songs from his band Hollowfade, a hard rock trio from Wilkes County NC, and also other various songs he has wrote.

With 14 years of experience and a level-headed approach to all things in life, James brings a fun yet professional show to any venue he plays; being able to entertain an energetic, packed-out bar while also knowing when to tone it down for a chill, relaxing vibe at a venue such as a winery.


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