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NEW MUSIC, “Them Bones” cover, Due TOMORROW.

Paying tribute to one of their biggest influences, Hollowfade's cover of Alice In Chains's "Them Bones" will be out tomorrow, March 20th, streaming exclusively on YouTube and


“To kick off the name change, we decided to record a cover in tribute to Alice In Chains ahead of our EP release set for April. We had a lot of fun tracking it, and learned more about each part of the song itself through trying to get it as close as we could to the original. It features Alex on harmony during the verses, while Justus takes the harmony during the choruses. We tracked it in my basement studio, and we’re really pleased with how it turned out. We spent a good bit more time tracking out the songs for the EP, so I’m looking forward to hearing how much better those songs sound.” - James

"Them Bones" is the first track off of Alice In Chains' 1992 album Dirt. It was written by guitarist and co-vocalist Jerry Cantrell, dealing with the realization of one's own mortality.

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