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Divide and Conquer

Hollowfade EP Review

3.6 out of 5
By Jamie Funk

Hollowfade are James Brickey (guitar/vocals), Justus Brickey (bass) and Alex Whitley (drums). The band recently released a self-titled EP Hollowfade that contains four songs. Before we get into the music we need to talk about that album cover. It has a little of the classic album cover feel to it where a couple of dudes are looking in a different direction than the camera for no apparent reason. I was in high school in the ‘90s and remember going to buy CDs and that was the album cover for so many grunge and hard rock bands.

Hollowfade makes music that came from a very specific era. I remember it all too well. If you were a teenager in the ‘90s you will know that Nirvana around 1995 was the biggest band on the planet. After Kurt Cobain died the band became immensely popular. There were t-shirts, memorabilia and so much more.

It was a kind of popular that bands, especially rock bands, just can’t reach anymore. At any rate Nirvana absence left a vacuum for bands to fill. This was known as post-grunge and bands came in droves. Bands like Bush, Nickelback and Silverchair became popular but these bands really didn’t have the punk rock ethos that Nirvana had. It was hard rock and more pop oriented. My point is that Holowfade have a sound to my ears that is somewhere between grunge and post-grunge.

Take for instance the first song “Not Like You.” It’s hard not to argue this song isn’t straight post-grunge. It sounds very aligned with a band like Nickelback. The next song “My Asylum” you could argue sounds more like a band like Alice in Chains which is a band that's considered grunge and gets a lot more indie cred. If I really wanted to focus on the details “My Asylum” sounds more like grunge on the verse and actually changes to post-grunge during the bridge and chorus.

“Moving On (Instrumental)” felt like an outlier. This song is instrumental and you could argue has more in common with an artist like Joe Satriani. Last up is “Deceiving” which felt like another mix between grunge and post-grunge. I will point out they utilize a Peter Frampton talking guitar like effect.

​So there you have it. Fans of both post-grunge and grunge might want to check this out. Take a listen.

Reverbnation Crowd Reviews

"Not Like You" Single Review

Overall Rating

"Not Like You" from the Hollowfade EP was sent to 26 random critics on and was given a 7.5/10 total score.

Below are some commentsthey left about the track.

        -"Hollowfade: "Not Like You" is a great song - reminds me of Switchfoot and Soundgarden back in the day - but with a modern twist."


        -"Immediately thought of Alice in Chains with this one which is a good thing. Great vocals. Production sounds good. I like how the song progresses. Love the instrumentation around 150 seconds - can just imagine screaming down the highway, windows open, this blaring on the stereo. Really great song."

        -"I enjoyed this song. This song has a great sound and is very heavy rock focused. I like the singer's voice and how it harmonizes with the distorted guitars. This song has a fun confidence to it and has a clear and strong production. "

        -"I liked that listening to the song made me experience several different moods because of the lyrics and the tempo and mood of the music changes."

        -"This was some damn good hard rock right here. Loved the vocals and the flow of this one big time. Sounded like the 2000s to me."

        -"You can really hear the emotion in the singers voice. It fits really well with the vibe of the song."

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